69 Days of Giving Charities Supported

I've always been very thankful for the service of our military members. When I read the book Lone Survivor, it had a profound impact on my life and I knew I needed to get involved. -Trevor Bauer

Carrasco Foundation

My foundation’s mission is to create an environment that offers every child a strong foundation for life-long success through signature programs and activities that motivate young people. I am passionate about investing in a stronger, smarter, and healthier America by providing impactful resources for disadvantaged youth in America and Latin America. - Carlos Carrasco

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat gets a community to come together rather than furthering the divide between those who would give and those who would require assistance, and this is a major reason why I believe this charity addressing housing needs to be one of the best in the world. - Kyle Boddy


Velosano is the main cancer research fundraising vehicle for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, one of the lead Cancer-fighting institutes in the world. - Bart Swain


Our mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of individuals with special needs in recreation, leisure and sport. I am passionate about serving people with special needs and their families because I feel they deserve the same opportunities in recreation and in life as we all do. Recreation can assist with many therapy goals such as walking, balancing, increasing strength, motor planning, social interaction skills, and a sense of pride.

PTSD Foundation

Giving back to those that would put their life on the line to protect us. That is what makes America's military the best. Cody Springer

Project DNA

The goal is to change the current medical model, to facilitate the identification & management & help prevent those from getting cancer. Daniel Luba


Azleway helps children in crisis in Texas - provides them with resources and places them in foster homes/with foster families. - Rachel Owens

Friendly Water

Friendly Water trains people how to construct simple but effective water filtration devices to reduce waterborne diseases in parts of Africa & India. - Rick Green

Helping Kids Round First

HKRF provides youth in underdeveloped countries (primarily Nicaragua) opportunities they would not otherwise have through baseball. Scott Anderson

Girls Who Can Code

GWC aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. The organization is working to close the gender gap in technology. - James Dalgarno

Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow match children with special needs with a family who will give them every opportunity for a typical life like they deserve! - Jennifer Pyle

Lost Boyz Inc.

Lost Boyz uses baseball to create a development based environment where we work on tutoring, civic engagement, and social service. - Cooper Thompson

Give Directly

Give Directly gives cash transfers to low-income households in 3rd-world countries that often give one-time quality of life upgrades. - Mike Rathwell

RC #69 HYPER Alumni Association

We help provided financial support & mentorship for students to build robots for competition for FRC#69 Team HYPER Robotics. - Chris McGroarty

Friends of the Cleveland Kennel

The mission is to provide medical & general care to the dogs & cats in need, while working to reduce intake numbers & save lives. - Bill Peters

Mark Kalina Jr. Foundation

I was in an accident where I lost both of my legs & a pinky. I'm passionate about this b/c I want to help those that don't want to be limited by their disability. - Mark Kalina

Hoosier Burn Camp

Hoosier Burn Camp is a year round nonprofit organization with the goal of providing support and experiences to adolescent burn survivors. - Sam Dougherty

 St. Baldrick's Foundation

It's a playful combination of “bald” & “St. Patrick’s Day", the day the 1st event began. Now they help volunteers have fun year round while raising money for childhood cancer. - Bill May

Ohio Guidestone

With over 50 programs ranging from recovery, job skill building, juvenile justice diversion, & early childhood education we provide support to help those we serve THRIVE. - Arian May

Homes for Our Troops

This charity helps provide veterans mortgage free homes, injured veterans are provided unique homes to assist them with whatever handicap they are dealing with. - Jacob Cantleberry

Help Our Military Heroes

HOMH has donated customized vans to veterans who lost the use of two or more limbs. With vans customized for their prosthetic needs, now they can drive! - Stu Speckman

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

A donation to them would help in the upkeep of the memorial, adding new names to the memorial & help the museum that is opening this year. - Rosemarie Mosher

Kulture City

Our most popular charity w/ over 400 emails, “Helping families capture the talents these children have while enabling them to cope w/ the special issues that so commonly mark the children’s lives."

Cleveland Engineering Society

“CES connects NE Ohio’s engineering community to share experience & expertise, explore new technologies, address regional workforce & economic development." Joe Palko

4 Paws for Ability

“Mission is to place quality service dogs with children with disabilities and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing." -Aimee Cleffi

Team Some Assembly Required

"Through the relentless spirit of the American adaptive athlete, we want to promote that athletics & camaraderie grow a sense of confidence & purpose." Will Pachan


"It’s a charity started by Braden Bishop dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease." Matt Daniels

Project Scientist

"I have a 3-year-old niece. It's important to me that girls like her are educated , coached & encouraged to pursue their curiosity & passion for science."- Yvonne Carrasco

Liam's Life

"Liam is my son, who was killed by a drunk driver. I’m now on a mission to make sure my son doesn't become a statistic but because of him, there was change." - Marcus Kowal

America Scores Cleveland

"The goal is to empower these students through creative reading and writing in the classroom, while encouraging teamwork through soccer." - Joe Reines

Travis Manion Foundation

"Helps veterans by challenging them to engage in their communities, building on the strengths they learned in the military, rather than treating them like victims..." - Nick Francona

Canine Companions for Independence

"They place highly trained assistance dogs, FREE OF CHARGE, to children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities other than blindness." - Staicey Scholtz

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

I lost my grandpa in '99, & my dad in '15. Research needs to continue in order to help increase survival rates & improve the odds for families like mine. - Rachael Kaine

Shoes and Clothes for Kids

They provide new school uniforms, shoes, coats and school supplies to Cleveland kids. $400 would purchase another 40 uniforms for Cleveland kids. - Jennifer Sr. Kelsch

Orange Effect Foundation

They empower children & young adults w/ speech disorders to communicate effectively. They fund speech therapy & speech devices for people who can't afford it. - Maureen Stanton

Project Chacocente

We help children in rural Nicaragua obtain an education, clean water and a hot meal. - John Shaver

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

In 2014 I was diagnosed w/ Crohn's. It would mean a lot to donate to those who are still dealing with some of the hardships caused by these 2 diseases. - Tyler Rotz

Code Read

Code Read is a non-profit organization that provides new books to low income children in Title 1 schools who may not be able to afford them. - Jeremy Banuelos

Life Act

My daughter is a multiple time suicide survivor after suffering PTSD from a high school shooting. This organization provides education in schools right here in NE Ohio. - Amy Serraglio Fierman

Providence House

"We provide temporary emergency shelter to children newborn through 12 whose families are experiencing crises such as domestic violence, homelessness..." - Kayla Naticchioni

Hattie Larlham

"They are a non-profit organization that provides medical, residential, recreational and work training services to more than 1,800 children and adults throughout Ohio." - Corrine Zolgus

Down Syndrome Association of Brazos Valley

"Our community-based support allows us to host & sponsor regular social activities, year-round educational programs, conferences..." - Kevin Poppe

Ed Keating Foundation

"It's a sober living facility available to anyone determined to overcome their addiction to alcohol/drugs regardless of their ability to pay for the help they need." - Greg Vovos's

American Humane

"In addition to animal rescue, everything from disaster relief to animal cruelty cases, American Humane also helps provide service dogs to US veterans." - Kristine Fox

Seven and Seven Foundation


Gigi's Playhouse

"It's the only network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers that provides FREE purposeful programming to individuals of ALL ages with Down syndrome." - Stacy Jackson

Community Betterment

"Betterment helps individuals who find themselves in unexpected situations and provides them the help they need to get through it." - Elizabeth Baroody

WAState Branch Dyslexia Association

They are a non-profit scientific, educational organization dedicated to the study & treatment of those who struggle with dyslexia."

Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation

It aims to get pets out of sticky situations by promoting pet adoptions, raising awareness for shelters and programs, and continuing the journey to a no-kill world.

Keira Kilbane Foundation

In honor of our daughter Keira, who passed away from leukemia in 2014 at 3 years old, our FDN helps fund childhood cancer research & support patients/families. - Jennifer Kilbane

Elenor Fuller Forever Foundation

We are all about pairing up w/ kids in need & helping them have all the resources they need to get through school & in an extracurricular activity.

Fresh Smiles

We grant kids whose family has a financial roadblock beyond their control & cannot afford lessons, activities or camps in the areas of sports, music, & more. - Katina Natale

Making Kids Count

They provide over 32,000 diapers a month to children in need, Comfort Kits for children being removed from their home and placed into foster care... - Shelly Marlowe

Joseph's Home

Joseph’s Home provides critical medical respite care to homeless men with acute medical issues. - Christine Horne

Athlete's Against Anxiety and Depression

We are dedicated to providing resources to anyone that suffers from a mental health battle. - China McCarney

Katie Haumesser Foundation

Katie’s House grew out of a tragic drunk-driving accident, to honor & fulfill Katie’s work with special needs kids, especially those who are hearing/speech-impaired. - Glenna Robert


At Boysville, we provide emergency and long term housing to boys and girls (newborns to 22-yr olds) who have no place to go. We take them in and raise them like family. - David Angulo

Mascots for a Cure

I am passionate about this, because it is a fun and creative way to not only honor and remember my father, but to also help hundreds of children across the nation who are battling cancer. - Derek Zinser

Charity Newsies of Fairfield County

This organization has since 1936 has been dedicated to helping children and families in need of clothing and food. - Jack Davidson

Angel Wings Foundation

We support individuals and families who have recently experienced life changing events. We want to spread hope to local families when they need it the most and expect it the least. - Jeff Gagner

John Patrick Carey Foundation

Goal is to provide an indoor & outdoor play area. It will allow patients & their families a reprieve from the daily routine of being in the hospital.


They help bring world class health care to underdeveloped areas of the world that aren’t fortunate enough to have it in their area. - Hannah Taunt

Operation Smile

They aim to provide surgeries to children affected by cleft lip & cleft palate across the world, as well as helping families deal w/ situations pre and post surgery. - Mike Scarbro

N.E. Ohio SPCA

A no kill small shelter that takes in dogs from southern rural areas with low populations and offers them a home, holding them as long as necessary til adopted. - Alice Nierenberg

Maryssa's Mission Foundation

Organized after my twin daughter Maryssa passed away unexpectedly from CHD, we have reached over 1,000 family members affected by a medically fragile child. - Mitchell Rivas

Thea Bowman Center

They provide a variety of programs like GED preparation and adult computer training to those that are in need. - Rick Schenkelberg